Tuesday, June 8, 2010

[OOC] The Grind, or How I Play EVE

There has been some recent discussion on how to blog and how to play EVE, so I'll weigh in on how I do it.

First off some background, I suffer from clinical depression and type 2 bipolar disorder.  Even medicated, some of the symptoms poke through, and for me it mainly manifests itself in a short attention span and the need to try new things to stay interested, which is how I play EVE.

I rarely do any sort of grind.  I don't grind missions, LP, or go mining much.  I explore New Eden and try just about anything that strikes my fancy.  I've done FW, been a member of corps and alliances, mined, missioned, done COSMOS and epic arcs.  It's a very Thukker way to do things.  Basically, I do whatever I find fun at the time, regardless of politics, FOTM or outside pressures.  If it's not fun or becomes not fun, I don't do it.  EVE Online is a game to have fun in, bottom line.

My blogging follows those lines.  It's a diary of my travels, for and by me.  Doesn't matter who reads it or even if they like it.  I enjoy blogging and putting my thoughts down, so even if not a single person visits, I'll still continue to blog.  So having said that, for those of you who do enjoy it, you can look forward to many more posts.

Unrelated, I've been lax on posting lately because I moved into a brand new apartment!  I'm all settled in and back in EVE.  The withdrawal was pretty rough I'll admit.

Fly Fun!

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