Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rancer Gate Camps

I've heard the horror stories.  Huge gatecamps, sensor boosted interceptors, and smart bombing battleships, oh my!  But in over two years in New Eden, I've never experience one first hand.  Until today that is...

Minding my own business, I was taking a shortcut through low sec in my trusty rifter.  No worries right?  I can align and jump faster than most people can lock a frigate.  So that takes care of most things.  I jump into rancer and warp across, straight into a smartbombing typhoon.  In an instant, my shields and armor are stripped away.  I will aura to jump as fast as she can, hoping another cycle doesn't go through and obliterate my ship.  Finally, the gate activates and I'm shot hundreds of AU's away from danger, deep into structure.  I limped quickly the last few jumps to my destination, safe, but shaken.

Lesson of the day: Always fly with your damage control and hardeners on.  I wouldn't have made it otherwise.

1 comment:

  1. Especially in Rancer lol, I'm surprised you didn't get instawtfpwned, you must have surprised them too.