Saturday, May 1, 2010

About the Author

My name is Thurenu, and I was born and raised Thukker. I have Thukker blood running through my veins and can't fight the urge to just travel. So that is what I will be doing, in my free time. I'll be documenting any neat and interesting places I come across and just overall appreciating the beauty of New Eden. You can expect me to send back home short summaries and lots and lots of pictures!

My main job will hopefully be with Gradient, part of Electus Matari. I've filled out all the paperwork and gone through the initial interview. So, fingers crossed, I'll get in. There will be a little bit of that thrown in here too if something interesting happens. I'm looking forward to my travels!

-- Thurenu

P.S. The Ronin is my ship, the minmatar covops cheetah.


You might have guessed it already, but this blog is going to document in living color my travels around New Eden, with a splash of RP thrown in here and there for flavor. I have indeed applied to Gradient, and pending approval, I'll get to fly with them as well. So stay tuned for hopefully stunningly beautiful shots of New Eden.

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