Monday, May 3, 2010

Droning on

I was minding my own business running some missions, yes I have some carebear tendencies, when I warp into my mission deadspace.  I was instantly greeted by one of the largest structures I've encountered in New Eden: a drone superstructure.  It was magnificent and awe-inspiring to say the least.  So complete was my rapture that Aura had to warn me about the incoming hostile signatures.  A swarm of drones had exited they're home to destroy the intruder, namely me.  Snapping out of my trance, I proceeded to take care of business.

A wide shot of the entire structure.  Third death star maybe?

The maw of the beast.

Thinking I had seen the worst of it, I warped into the next deadspace pocket and was greeted by an even larger, more complex drone superstructure.  I always get flak for this, but I truly believe drone hives are some of the most magnificent structures in all of New Eden.

Bigger, Badder, Better!

It's watching you. 

 In other news, I present to you a shield tanked, rail gun wielding Armageddon.  Those EoM guys really are crazy.  

A study in contradictions.

[OOC]   One of the reasons I can still stand running missions is because of gems like these hidden in some of the lesser run missions.  CCP should get kudos for designing some truly spectacular environments in New Eden.  

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